It's Time to Play BIG

My goal this year is to assist, equip and inspire 1000 people to become a Millionaire. Will you be one of them?

Who is Cathy Karabetsos?

I am a wife and proud mother of 7. Yeah I don’t just play big at work but I like to play big at home too! I’m also the Founder, President and CEO of QCSS, the BEST Call Center on Earth since 1991. Most recently I am the Host of ‘Go BIG or Go Broke’ where I interview ordinary people who choose to play BIG and learn the method, madness, & making of impactful millionaires. My mission is to inspire you to stop playing small, go BIG and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams!

Go BIG or Go Broke!

Ep 008 – Nadia Finer, Founder of, International Speaker, Author, and Business Coach.

Nadia Finer, a powerhouse business coach, wickedly funny international speaker and author of  Little Me Big Business Is Here To Help You Unleash The Bigness In Your Business. She is[…]

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September 10, 2018 0

Ep 007 – Dawnna St Louis, CEO of Biz on Fire Academy & Retreats, Speaker, Author, and Coach.

Dawnna St Louis is a three-time multi-million dollar entrepreneur, the creator of the Entrepreneur’s Business Building Methodology, Creator of the daily 6IX and Master Facilitator of the 6IX Accountability and[…]

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July 2, 2018 0

Ep 006 – Dave Kibby, Co-Founder at Crypto Family and Owner of High C Limited

Dave Kibby is authentic, deep, cuddly, and outrageously authentic. He’s Co-Founder of the Crypto Family at the Crypto Money Makers and owner at High C Limited. The Crypto Family is[…]

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June 25, 2018 0

It’s All About People.

Here are some of my amazing listeners .

“Working with Cathy has been an honor & blessing – she is a class act.”

Steven Safak
COO @ Gefen media group

“Cathy is a prime example of someone who plays big and doesn’t settle for less. She’s a true inspiration!”

Daniel Gefen
Host of “can i pick your brain?”

“Cathy ‘s GO BIG OR GO BROKE podcast to inspire 1000 people to become a Millionaire is insightful and awe-inpsiring.”

Estie Rand
Founder at Strand Consulting

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